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Government Orders


A note about Myerchin, Inc. policy on privacy: We do not share our customer information with any other entity. All customer information is kept confidential.

•  Myerchin, Inc . Dunns Number:   363709262

•  Supplies SIN:   613-001

•  You can order all Myerchin Rigging Knives as "Open Market Items"

•  Call our toll free number (800) 531-4890 and place your order. We're open            M/F 8 AM to 4 PM, Pacific Time.

•  Fax your order to (909) 463-6751. Faxed orders are received 24 hours a day and our staff usually ships these orders within 24 hours.

•  Mail your order to:  

•  There are no shipping charges on Government Orders for standard shipping       We accept:   Net 30 days (2% Discount for 10 day payment), and Govt.      credit cards.   

•   Minimum order is $75.00     
•  For latest Govt Pricing, call
(800) 531-4890 or e-mail us at:  
Myerchin, Inc. is very proud of  our "Award of Appreciation" from the Joint  Staff signed by General Tom Kelly.  Click to read more about the award.

         While Myerchin® has received many awards and special recognitions from industry leaders, our finest award came from General Thomas W. Kelly and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.   On July 15, 1991, we were awarded  a Certificate of Appreciation "...for innovation in the art of knife making with particular emphasis on  providing instruments that are needed and used by the Special Operations Community a lasting contribution to the nation."


A note on Government Packaging for Myerchin Products: 
We use minimal packaging for our products.  All products are shipped
with complete information about the product. 
The New Generation 2 Folders
are shipped in laser cut foam presentation boxes.

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